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At the core of Dijlah’s operations lies a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. The firm’s Sustainability Office oversees the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into Dijlah’s policies, contracts, and employee training programs. In addition, the firm’s leadership conducts targeted outreach to identify and hire youth and members of marginalized communities. 

On the national level, Dijlah has developed and implemented the Iraqi Voter Engagement Initiative to support democracy in Iraq and increase citizen participation in democratic processes. Our company is also actively supporting initiatives to eradicate issues associated with food storage and drought in Iraq. 

As a stakeholder in the economy of Iraq, Dijlah ascribes to the statement that “democracy builds the economy.” 

Part of building democracy and increasing the confidence for the Iraqi voters is transparency. We have implemented this through our establishment that would help get the voters closer to their constituents. Please visit our website 

Iraqi Voter Engagement Initiative Report

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