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B.Sc. Ameen Zwayen


Ameen has been involved with engineering consultancy since his graduation from the University of Baghdad in 1970.  Since his graduation, he has participated in various design projects in the private and governmental sectors such as general hospitals, governmental buildings, and medical city projects to name a few. He was employed by the Ministry of Housing & Construction in which he participated in several assignments with the Iraqi government, UN Organizations, international companies, and local private sector entities. His experience in project design, supervision, tender analysis, and management led him to establish Dijlah Consulting Engineers in 1993. After the events that occurred in 2003, the mission of the office focused on assisting in rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq. Since then, Dijlah was awarded multiple projects such as hospitals, roads and bridges, water treatments plants, as well as electrical transmission and substations to name a few. In 2005, Dijlah has partnered with multiple international companies to bring international experience to assist in rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq. Dijlah, under Mr Zwayen’s management with the efforts of consultants and engineering staff, became one of the best engineering consulting offices in Iraq, which is very evident through the successfully implemented projects and partnerships with local and international companies.

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PhD. Midhat Zwayen

Co Founder & Executive Director

Midhat has 24 years of experience in the private sector of the engineering and project management consultancy field in Iraq. He has worked with Dijlah Consulting Engineers as a deputy to the president of the office throughout those years and was involved in design projects such as residential, commercial, government buildings, medical, and infrastructure to name a few. His experience working in Iraq and his partnership with foreign companies provided him with a clear view of the challenges associated with foreign companies working in the Iraqi market. Therefore, he set out a goal to help international leaders to better understand the Iraqi culture in order to conduct business effectively in the Iraqi market. To achieve his goal, he started a doctoral journey focusing on these issues. He then decided to expand Dijlah Consulting Engineers by establishing a sister company, Dijlah Urban Planning & Design, in the U.S.A. with his wife. This company was established in 2016 with a mission to help international leaders and bring international experience and resources to the new democracy in Iraq. Due to the recent situation in Iraq, both companies are currently focusing on rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq starting with the electrical and water sectors. Both companies are synchronized with one another to help accomplish their mission.

B.Sc. Jabbar Hamzah Lateef

General Director

Jabbar is our Consultant Architect and General Director, he graduated from the Baghdad university-college of Architectural Engineering Department in 1978. and worked in the national center for an engineering consultancy in Baghdad from 1978 until 2018 as the main designer, team leader, head of the architectural department and former deputy of D.G. Jabbar was the main architect in designing 2000 bed military hospital with an Iraqi-German team in the period between 1982 tp1985. also been an assistant to the team leader of the Al-Rahman Mosque project in the Al-Mansour district. and the main architect in designing and supervising a mega project (governmental administrative complex) in Baghdad from 2000-2003. Jabbar is a member of the Council of the Arab Minister of Housing and Construction Award. Moreover, he was the main designer in the design team of Al-Ahqaff Unversity in Yemen in 1998.

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