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Architectural Design


Our group of architectural engineers had worked on many important projects which required skills, patience, and knowhow. Our work showed diversity in architectural designs incorporating architectural forms from the ancient Middle East and Byzantium, but also developing features to suit the religious and social needs of the society. Also we incorporated medieval, Renaissance and Modern architecture in our work.



We perform several tasks including but not limited to: Carry out policies passed down a hierarchy from the level above. Plan short-range action-steps to carry out goals set by the level bove. Organize the work group. Assign jobs to subordinates. Delegate projects to subordinates. Direct tasks, jobs and projects.Train subordinates.Enforce rules. Lead and motivate subordinates .Develop group cohesiveness. Solve routine daily problems. Control or evaluate performance of subordinates and the department - performance appraisals. Discipline subordinates.



Dijlah Engineering understands the complexity of building rehabilitation projects and works with clients to determine the most effective repair programs to meet the rehabilitation program objectives. Our rehabilitation experts can identify repair options, provide cost estimates and outline the anticipated results of a repair strategy so that an informed decision can be made by the owner.

Building rehabilitation services include:


* Feasibility studies/life cycle costing analysis

* Repair alternatives and cost implications

* Preventative maintenance programs

* Quality control and testing

* Load capacity assessments

* Material selection analysis




Topographic Survey
Geological and Environmental Studies
Bills of Quantities
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MEP and Structural Designs


We provide complete Mechanical, Electrical,Plumbing, and Structural designs drawings and technical calculations according to the international engineering standards for several kinds of projects. We provide also technical solutions and redesign for previously implemented projects through site inspection, design review, recalculation and analysis.

Logistic Support


Logistics is the management of the flow of resources between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet the designed requirements and customer satisfaction.

Dijlah provides services related to:

 Procurement Management, Estimating, Building Inspections, Plan & Specification Reviews, Contract Reviews, Job and Recovery Scheduling, Job-Site Documentation, Schedule Control, Peer Review Inspections, Due Diligence Inspections, Defect Investigation, Quality Control Inspections and Program Management.



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