ALAQ BAGHDAD PROJECT – Rehabilitation of 20 Squares in Baghdad, Iraq

Date: 2017 – 2018
Budget: 6.4 M USD
Client: ALAQ BAGHDAD committee


DIJLAH was the supervising consulting office for this project, which was managed by ALAQ BAGHDAD committee, headed by the Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma with the support of Iraqi private banks league, Central Bank of Iraq, and Iraqi government. Alaq Baghdad project is started to develop and rehabilitate 20 public squares in Baghdad according to the latest engineering International specifications.

These squares are located between the sides of the capital Karkh (Al-Matahf, Al-Faris AlAraby, AlNissor, AlSheik Ma’aroof, Hilla-Baghdad Interchange, Albdul Mehsin Al Kadhumi, Shaheed AlMehrab, AlA’ema, and Jeddah). Rusafa side (AlNadi AlTurkmany, AlMuthanna Bridge, Antar Bin Shadad, AlWatheq, 52 Square, AlTahariyat, AlTayaran, 83 Square, Wahran, AlMuthafar, and AlHamza). Three Iraqi private sector construction companies worked in this project under the supervision of DIJLAH office and the client.



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