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Dijlah Consulting Engineers is a consulting firm that provides professional engineering services in the disciplines of Architectural, Civil Engineering, MEP services, and construction supervision. 


Over a period of more than 25 years, Dijlah Consulting Engineers has provided clients with a service of high quality and standard. We endeavor to find professional solutions to engineering problems that can be practically implemented, achieving the desired outcome for our clients. We specialise in residential, commercial, infrastructure, landscaping, transportation networks, and more.    

founded in 1993, we're grown to become one of the most well-known consultant companies in our field in Iraq, operating from Baghdad and working on various projects across the country. DIJLAH has been a leading consultancy firm with recognizable, important, and major projects that were the result of hard work and efforts of solid management, professional staff, and a successful work environment, which lead us to be dominant expertise in the field of consultancy services.

 Our mission is to retain the bright image of Iraq which has always been known for its architectural history and recognized by a mixture of great past and heritage, a distinguished present and a glorious future. Our mission aims to produce subtle and elegant buildings and exquisite infrastructures through our dedicated teamwork and incoperation of architecture, engineering, project management, QC & QA, quantity survey and construction supervision.


Architectural Design

Our group of architects had worked on various significant projects, Our integrated design and service is a collaborative process that brings together the experts in architecture, construction, and design style, to provide seamless custom design and building solutions.



Dijlah Consulting Engineers offers Project Management services and supervision for various projects across Iraq with regard to preparing building projects and/or construction contracts, preparing Bills of Quantities and/or Cost Estimates, calling tenders and awarding contracts on behalf of our clients and others.



We understand the complexity of building rehabilitation projects. We work with clients to determine the most effective repair solutions to meet the rehabilitation objectives. Our rehabilitation experts can identify repair options, provide cost estimates and outline the anticipated results of a repair strategy so that the decision can be made by the owner.

Building rehabilitation services include:

  • Feasibility studies/life cycle costing analysis

  • Repair alternatives and cost implications

  • Preventative maintenance programs

  • Quality control and testing

  • Load capacity assessments

  • Material selection analysis



MEP and Structural Designs


We provide complete Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Structural design drawings and technical calculations according to the international engineering standards for several kinds of projects. We also provide technical solutions and redesign for previously implemented projects through site inspection, design review, recalculation and analysis.

Logistic Support


We are experienced in the integration of support and service considerations for a broad range of projects and solutions.  in order to meet the solution requirements and customer satisfaction, this is included but is not limited to:

  • Operational works: earthworks, sewer and stormwater connections, water connections,

  • Construction Inspections.

  • Soil testing and site investigation reports. 

  • Structural assessments and reports. 


We work on projects around various areas across Iraq from north to south.

  • Bagdad

  • Basra

  • Nineveh

  • Dhi Qar

  • Babylon

  • Qadisiyah

  • Kut

  • Karbala

  • Najaf

  • Mayssan

  • Diyala


Experienced consultants that go the extra mile

Our experience and capabilities mean you can rely on us to deliver quality every time


We've worked on over than hundreds of projects across residential, commercial and infrastructure sectors and others. We're one of the most experienced engineering consulting firms in the country. 


Over the last 29+ years, we've tested and refined our processes to deliver reliable quality, the consistent timing, and clear communication. We've designed and developed our processes to deliver better experiences for our clients. 



Our internal processes are streamlined so you get regular updates and your engineering reports are generated sooner. But most importantly, get direct access to the technical consultant you're working with so you can ask questions and get help whenever you need it.



Some of our valued clients and trusted partners

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