Central Bank of Iraq New HQ
In cooperation with Zaha Hadid Architects
The Future

With an appeal and a confident vision towards a destination represented in establishing a distinguished architectural and engineering practice aiming at enriching the discipline of building and construction in Iraq via the gate of design and consulting engineering services, Dijlah Consulting Engineers (DIJLAH) was founded, in 1993, by the consulting engineer Ameen Zwayen. Since then, DIJLAH has been a leading consultancy firm where recognizable, important and major projects were the result of hard work and efforts of solid management, professional staff and successful work environment, what lead to a dominant expertise in the field of consultancy services.


Since foundation in 1993, and with a distinctive contribution for the “youngest sibling” of Dijlah Consulting Engineers, that is Dijlah Co. for Engineering Consultancies Ltd (founded in 2010), DIJLAH has worked, through offering professional consulting services, in different projects (in the specializations of architecture, engineering and construction supervision). The scope of Dijlah projects includes housing projects, hospitals & health facilities, interchanges, bridges, roads, hotels, infrastructure projects, public buildings, governmental buildings, landscape and leisure facilities, transportation networks, multi storeycar park buildings, malls & shopping centers, and many other project types.


 In a country known for its culture and civilization, distinctive for its future renaissance opportunities, our mission is to retain the brilliant picture of Iraq that has always been known by an architecture recognized by a mixture of great past and heritage, a distinguished present and a glorious future. Our mission aims to produce successful and neat buildings and infrastructures through team work combines architecture, engineering, project management, QC & QA, quantity survey and construction supervision.