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Central Bank of Iraq New HQ
In cooperation with Zaha Hadid Architects
The Future

With the vision to establish an architectural and engineering practice to enrich the building and construction industry in Iraq via the gate of design and consultancy work, Dijlah Consulting  Engineers (DIJLAH) was established in 1993 Since then, DIJLAH has been a leading national firm and has accomplished many important and complex projects. The role of DIJLAH increased significantly with the revolution in the building industry that started in 2003 and looking to shape the future of Iraq well into the Twenty First Century.


Since its foundation in 1993, DIJLAH has worked, as a consultancy firm, in different projects in architecture engineering and construction. The scope of projects include residential complexes, housing projects, hospitals, interchanges, bridges, roads, hotels, infrastructure projects, public buildings, government buildings, landscape and leisure facilities, transportation networks, parking structures, malls and shopping centers and many other types of projects.


In a country known for its culture and civilization, distinctive for its future renaissance opportunities, our mission is to retain the brilliant picture of Iraq that has always been known by an architecture recognized by a mixture of  great past and heritage and a distinguished present.

Although we respect an old architectural statement that architecture starts where engineering ends, our mission aims to produce successful and neat buildings and infrastructures by team works that combines architecture, engineering, and environmental services.